Documentary Outline

I. Introduction

A. We begin in a Toys R Us Barbie aisle with young girl discuss her feelings on Barbie.

II.  Pose A Series of Questions

A. Several different interviews across various generations about their experiences with Barbie

i. Do you remember your first Barbie?

ii. What’s your opinion of Barbie?

iii. What was your favorite Barbie/Barbie accessory?

iv. Would you buy a Barbie for you child?

v. Do you think Barbie has positively or negatively affected women?

vi. Do you think Barbie have a positive or negative effect on young girls?

B. The professionals’ opinion of Barbie

i. Interviews with various professionals (professor(s), Toys R Us sales person, etc.)

IV. Conclusion

A.  The future of Barbie


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