Invention & Selection

Barbie has a unique story rooted in historical context, an inventor’s passion, controversy, competition, and success. These elements make Barbie a topic of fascination for many. Unfortunately, very few scholars have approached the topic of Barbie outside of historical context and Mattel’s marketing strategies. The sources which exist for the invention of Barbie tend to take on a very positive and romanic view of the invention of Barbie, which can be found in the “Conception of Barbie“. ¬†Recently (2009) Jerry Oppenheimer, an investigative reporter, published a book which offered a different take on the invention. This controversy, while unconfirmed, can be found in “‘Ruth’less Barbie“. ¬†Of course, the invention process doesn’t end with Barbie on the shelves. In “Barbie Wars & Scandals“, we explore the competition and legal battles concerning Barbie. Finally, we will discuss the marketing techiques which have kept Barbie alive for over forty years in “Mattel’s Barbie- Staying Alive“.

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