Future of Barbie

Despite the controversy surrounding Barbie, her empire continues to grow and she shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Mattel has expanded their line of products to appeal to the technologically savvy generation of today. CD-ROMS and computer games are common nowadays as are movies. There are some products that can only be bought online, making good use of the Internet which is so prevent in today’s society.[1] Different ethnic and cultural Barbies are being produced to appeal to a wider market across the globe.[2] The company continues to utilize trends and technology to further the brand. Mattel’s business ventures aside, Barbie continues to be popular on her own. She is an iconic figure in pop culture and children’s toys. This piece of Americana, despite controversy, has touched the hearts of children everywhere and to many remains an important part of their childhood. It is likely that her popularity will not dwindle for a long time and that, for good or for bad, Barbie is here to stay.

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