Barbie Isn’t an Invention!?

Barbie is most definitely an invention for numerous reasons. She is an improvement on her antecedents, the paper doll and Bild-Lilli doll. However, she is recognized as unique in character and design. Furthermore Barbie, her construction, and her accessories are all patented indicated that by law she is an invention. However, what we believe makes Barbie an invention is not the physical doll (althought this is indeed a necessary component to the arguement), but the impact her creation has on society.  Experts remain undecided on whether Barbie impacts culture or if she is merely a representation of the changing culture. Nevertheless, she is deeply ingrained in girl culture and is a prime example of the evolution in marketing techniques.  Barbie exemplifies not only issues young girls face today, but the increasing commercialization and globalization of the world.

_images_barbie_barbie_2 (1)

Figure 1: Barbie and Her Friends

Barbie Images. “Barbie with Pink Background: Trio of Barbies with a Bright Pink Striped   Background.” Barbie Images, 2009-2013. http://www.barbieimages.com/gallery/barbie.php?page=11.  (Accessed March 24, 2013).

Part of this image is used in our header, but the header itself is an original creation.

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